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11 Common Car Insurance Questions

May 10, 2023

It’s a given that you need car insurance if you drive a vehicle, just as you need a homeowner’s policy if you own a home, renter’s insurance if you rent, and health insurance to keep you and your family healthy.

As a trusted local insurance agency, Bosworth Insurance in Tyler, Texas, knows that the ins and outs of rates, what is covered, deductibles, insurance premiums, etc., can be confusing.

To help make things simpler, here’s a list of common car insurance questions:


1. Do you drive for work?

You need commercial auto insurance if you’re carrying out work-related duties while in your vehicle, such as food delivery, ride-share services, etc.

If you’re doing this work and only have personal coverage, you are at risk financially. If you drive your car for work purposes, talk to your insurance agent right away about commercial insurance.


2.Do you drive often?

Many people use their vehicles every day to commute to work, drive to school, etc. Your insurance policy should reflect the amount you drive. Talk to your insurance representative if you’re driving more or less often, and make sure your policy accurately covers your mileage.


3.Where do you park your car?

One factor in your car insurance rate is where you live. Do you live in an urban or rural area? Do you park on the street in suburban neighborhoods with less traffic or in city areas with lots of traffic? If your car is parked in a more urban place, you’re usually at higher risk for theft or other damage. If this is you, make sure your car or truck insurance coverage is comprehensive and covers such possibilities.


4.Who drives your car?

Do you share your vehicle with your wife and kids? Other family members or roommates in the household? If so, you should take the time to add them to your car insurance policy. In the event they’re driving the vehicle when an accident happens, you want to make sure everyone is fully covered.

5.What is your car’s make and model?

There are many factors that impact your car insurance premiummake and model are two of the top. If you have a very expensive, rare car that will cost a great deal to replace or repair, you’ll pay more for car insurance.


6.What’s the minimum car insurance I need?

When you insure your vehicle, it’s important to find out what car insurance minimum is a requirement in your state.

For many, this might be a question of budget.

If you can afford comprehensive car insurance and collision car insurance, you’re doing a lot to make sure you’ll be fully financially covered in the unfortunate event of car damage.

Collision car insurance covers damage caused by a typical car wreck or collision.


7.What’s Comprehensive Coverage?

Comprehensive car insurance covers car damage in the event of theft, vandalism, natural disasters, animals, hail, fire, or flood damage.

Comprehensive insurance is especially important in places like East Texas, which can get all sorts of car-damaging weather. If your car sustains damage from anything other than a car accident, your comprehensive insurance policy should cover it.

Ask your insurance representative about your options for full coverage insurance.

8.If I have other vehicles, does my car insurance cover them?

Do you drive an RV, motorcycle, commercial vehicle, or ATV? If so, you should talk to your insurance representative and ensure you’re fully covered while driving. Most of those mentioned above require their own types of insurance. Especially since there are increased risk factors driving different vehicles, it’s important to make sure you’re covered.


9.Can I get a discount on my auto insurance?

Talk to your insurance company about what discounts they might offer on your car or truck insurance. Many insurance companies offer discounts for a safe driving record; a military discount; discounts for good credit; or even good grade discounts for students.


10.Do new cars cost more to insure?

New cars cost more to insure for the same reason that more expensive cars cost more to insure: they are more expensive to repair or replace in the event of damage or an accident.


11.Can I bundle my car insurance with my homeowner’s or other insurance?

Talk to your insurance representative about the possibility of bundling your insurance. This is another potential way to gain a discount on your insurance premium.


If you still have questions about your car insurance, contact a trusted local insurance provider like Bosworth & Associates today and get the answers.

Many of us spend a significant amount of our lives in our vehicles, and it’s important to be sure you’re fully covered.

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