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Four Common Auto Insurance Myths

November 5, 2020

For many Texans, our vehicles are among the most valuable things we own. So it makes sense that auto insurance is a must. And there are many options out there when you are searching for the right auto insurance plan for you. But there are quite a few common misconceptions and myths about auto insurance policies and what can affect them.

When purchasing car insurance, it is very helpful to understand what can affect your car insurance premium rates and coverage. So we have compiled some of the most common auto insurance myths to hopefully help you discover some truths about auto insurance coverage.

Personal Finances & Credit Have No Effect

Most believe that their personal credit ratings and financial history are completely unnoticed or hidden from insurers. And no, insurance agencies do not really care how much money is in your bank account. But there have been many connections made between people with poor credit and financial histories and people that show a higher tendency for claims.

In many parts of the country, companies now give insurance quotes based on credit ratings. While this is far from the only factor, a clean driving record combined with a solid recent credit history can sometimes lead to cheaper auto insurance policies.

The Color Can Determine The Cost

Most of us have heard of the common idea that fiery red cars or shiny yellow vehicles can cost you more when it comes to auto insurance. This is a very common myth. The color of a car or vehicle might make you stand out more, but it will not factor into what you will be asked to pay. What does matter is the make & model, type of car, engine size, your age, and the usual background information.

Premiums Rise As You Age

Some think or assume that later in life their auto insurance premiums will increase. This myth is formed around the idea that with age you are more likely to get into an accident due to failing eyesight and slowed reflexes, so insurance companies set higher rates for these drivers. This is false.

Sometimes drivers over the age of 55 can even qualify for reduced rates. There are some varying stipulations and ways to qualify, so contact our friendly agents at Bosworth & Associates to find out if discounts are available.

Your Insurance Will Cover Almost Everything

Many people have state minimum auto insurance policies and believe that they are fully covered when it comes to many situations besides car accidents they cause. But often people do not discover until after their car is stolen, vandalized, or damaged by weather that they are left without the assistance and financial help they expected.

Bosworth & Associates offers auto insurance plans that provide comprehensive coverage to protect you and ensure that you are taken care of when you face situations that are out of your control. And we provide options that allow you to choose additional options to allow your policy to cover many potential problems that are often overlooked.

We take pride in our customer relationships and want to make your insurance experience as seamless as possible. If you’re ready to learn more about our personal lines insurance policies and auto insurance policies, why not request a quote online? You can also give us a call at 903-561-2621 to get started on your customized quote today!

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