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How to Choose the Right Health Insurance for Your Employees

December 5, 2019

Your small business must offer health insurance to its employees. This is a benefit many employees want and will help you attract top talent. It also improves employee retention and is tax deductible. There isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t invest in it. But beware that you can’t just go online and buy this insurance. You need to go about this meticulously by following some important steps. I have listed what these are below…

Make a list

You need to make a list of everything you want the insurance to cover. Take a look at your current employees and envision where you want to take your company (because you will also need to consider what future employees will want). After that make the list… Decide if you are just looking for the most basic package or if you want it to cover things like mental health and maternity leave.

Ask your employees

As you are buying the insurance for your employees it would be wise to ask them what they want. You can either interview each of them or ask them all to fill out what they want the insurance to cover on a piece of paper. You don’t have to succumb to all their wants or needs, but you can cover some of the things that are reasonable and within your budget.

Decide on your budget

Before you decide on an insurance plan you should work up a budget. You don’t want to end up liking a plan and then feel disappointed that you can’t afford it. So make some calculations and decide on how much you are willing to invest. If you need some extra money you can ask employees to contribute to the insurance.

Pick your plan

Now that you have a budget you should find an insurance plan that covers everything you have shortlisted. You can either go about this by yourself or you can contact an insurance broker. If you need the help of a broker or agent, contact us at Bosworth & Associates TODAY. This is how you choose the perfect health insurance for your employees. The above steps will satisfy the medical needs of your current and future employees without financially burdening you.

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