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Insurance For Single Parents: Essential Coverage Options

October 6, 2023

Almost a quarter of children live in single-family households.

The term “family” means many different things—especially regarding insurance.

Single parents might need to look at insurance coverage differently than a two-parent household because they’re the main source of security for their dependents. But what should that “security” look like?

As a single parent, how do you ensure your kids’ needs are met in case of the unexpected?

No one likes to think of their own death, but if you’re a single parent, you must have protections in place in the event something happens to you.

This is where life insurance comes in.


Life Insurance for Single Parents

Who would your children be financially dependent upon if something happened to you? Give yourself peace of mind and make sure your kids are financially taken care of by purchasing a life insurance policy.

But what type of life insurance is best for you and your family?

Bosworth & Associates, a local insurance agency trusted by generations of Tyler, Texas residents, understands that the cost of life insurance might be a worry for some people.

Talk to your experienced local insurance provider about what type is best for your family’s unique needs and what low-cost options might be available for you.

If you’re looking to both set aside money in the event of your passing and have the option of a cash value fund that can be a benefit when you’re still living, a Universal Life Insurance policy might be best for you. You’ll need to spend more upfront on your premiums, but this policy might be a good option if it’s affordable.

If you’re hoping to save more on your premiums from month to month, a Term Life Insurance policy might be your best option. This policy can help you save money while also ensuring your beneficiaries will be taken care of financially if you pass away.

Medical Insurance for Single Parents

Most people know how important health insurance is, but this is especially true if you have children. Kids are always needing a visit to the doctor for everything from routine check-ups and vaccines to unexpected illnesses or bone broken while playing.

Visits to the doctor or hospital can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Health insurance helps make sure you don’t get over your head in medical bills. This goes for you, too. You don’t want your kids to be financially strapped if you need medical attention.

There are many types of health insurance to choose from, and it’s important to find a balance between what you need and what you can afford to pay monthly. It’s also important to have an understanding of what your deductible will be.

You can also see what options are available through the Affordable Care Act. Talk to your insurance agent today about what medical insurance plan is best for you and your family and sleep better knowing you and your family are taken care of when it comes to any medical needs, from wellness exams to emergencies.

Car Insurance for Single Parents

If your kids are getting to driving age, it’s time to rethink your car insurance policy to make sure everyone is fully covered in the event of an accident.

According to the CDC website, teens ages 16-19 have a higher crash rate than any other age group. While many factors contribute to these statistics, knowing that your teen driver might be in an accident and taking measures to protect your family from liability is very important. If your teen is at fault

for an accident, it could cost thousands of dollars in both vehicle and medical expenses. Make sure you have the proper insurance coverage before they hit the road.

Umbrella Insurance for Single Parents

Umbrella Insurance is an insurance policy for extra protection on those unexpected “rainy days.”

An umbrella policy can be particularly helpful for a single parent as it fills in the gaps where your other coverage might fall short. While most policies strive to be comprehensive, it’s possible events such as invasion of privacy, libel, false arrest, etc., could slip through the cracks. Such unforeseen expenses can quickly take over your finances and, if you’re the sole provider for the household, can financially put your whole family at risk.

Talk to your local insurance provider about an umbrella policy that will keep you covered.


Single parents can experience a lot of pressure when it comes to taking care of their families and making sure everyone is provided for. While we don’t like to think of something happening to us, it’s an occurrence we need to be prepared for—especially if you’re a single parent and have dependents.

Contact your local insurance provider today to discuss what protects you and your family best.

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