We Take Pride in Great Customer Relationships

“Bosworth & Associates really had our backs on a recent six-figure claim. We now have a great appreciation for the importance of having a knowledgeable agency working with and for us making sure a fair settlement is achieved. For months, Michael Bosworth answered his phone day or night. His expertise was evident, as was the respect he has earned with insurance representatives who make decisions concerning unexpected developments. The entire Bosworth staff was very attentive. Cynthia repeatedly served as our liaison with adjusters. Bosworth & Associates is a caring professional team, committed to serving its clients.”
— Carol Allen

“Bosworth & Associates are more than an insurance agency; they are truly a long-term partner in our manufacturing business. Michael and his team are like ‘off-site employees.’ Their unique, customer-driven philosophy has helped to fuel our growth by keeping expenses manageable and in our best interest. ”
— Nita Ingle , Design Center Signs

"Bosworth and Associates makes the insurance buying process painless. With a knowledgeable, friendly staff, I trust them to take care of all of my commercial policies and I have no hesitation in referring my clients, as well. It is great to know that Tyler has a locally owned and operated group that can make an arduous task so simple."
— Russell

"In selecting any professional for help, I look not only for high quality advice and product, but also highly value the level of service and personal interest taken by the professional. I recently moved my coverage to Bosworth. What I had hoped for, and am now experiencing, is the level of service which I am receiving from the Bosworth staff. As recently as yesterday, a late Friday afternoon as we are in the process of purchasing another home, they were making the modifications required to the Dec page to meet the lender’s requirements so that we will be able to close on time. If I had chosen to go with a less personal approach with another provider, I would have had to deal with 1-800 numbers and having to bring whichever rep answered the phone up to speed. While price still matters, it is service and value provided that will create, build and maintain long term relationships.  It’s all about meeting your clients’ needs."
— Scott

"An unexpected illness hit our family. We were clueless as to how to handle all of the bills and paperwork. Thanks to the Bosworth staff we could understand what was going on! They gave our family encouragement, hope and knowledge. Our family has total trust in Bosworth and Associates and thanks them for providing "an angel" to take care of us! We have been so blessed by all of the extra time, energy and effort they gave us. Their customer service was "over the top" and we were extremely pleased. What a gift they were to our family!"
— Lynn